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The real reason Ian Fleming wrote 'Casino Royale'

03-Oct-2013 • Literary

Ian Fleming biographer Andrew Lycett has written an article for the Huffington Post today about the real genesis of the first James Bond novel 'Casino Royale':

an Fleming's mind was a jumble of conflicting thoughts and emotions when he sat down to his first draft of Casino Royale in Jamaica in February 1952.

He liked to joke that he finally got round to writing his first James Bond novel because he needed something to take his mind off his impending marriage to Ann, the striking dark-haired aristocratic woman with whom he had an on-off affair for over a decade, and who had recently divorced her second husband, Lord Rothermere, owner of the powerful Daily Mail newspaper.

But this was a typical Fleming flim-flam. He had been talking for several years about his desire to write the 'spy novel to end all spy novels'. But his attention had simply drifted in other directions...

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