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Lea Seydoux on the emotional impact of No Time To Die

16-Mar-2020 • No Time To Die

Lea Seydoux, who reprises her role as Dr. Madeleine Swann in 'No Time To Die', has given an interview to California Style & Culture magazine and reveals a little bit about the film's emotional impact:

She can’t reveal anything about the movie, which may or may not be Daniel Craig’s last go-round as 007. “But there’s a lot of emotion in this Bond,” she says. “It’s very moving. I bet you’re going to cry, if you like to cry. [When I watched it,] I cried, which is weird, because I play in it.”

Seydoux insists Swann is much more than ornamental window dressing. “She’s not a character written to please men,” Seydoux says. “She’s not objectified. She doesn’t define herself through her sexuality. She’s smart. She’s independent. And I think she has a real depth.”

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