MI6 reports from Amsterdam where Olga Kurylenko attended the Dutch premiere of Quantum of Solace on Tuesday night...

Quantum of Solace Amsterdam Premiere
6th November 2008

When there are two national premieres of "Quantum of Solace" on the same night there is only one solution: split up and cover them both. Whilst cast and crew headed to Lucerne in Switzerland, the new Bond girl Olga Kurylenko, who plays Camille in the 22nd James Bond film, jetted to Amsterdam to attend the Dutch premiere on Tuesday 4th November 2008.

The event was held at the Palace Tuschinski in Amsterdam. A long walkway was created in the square outside the theatre, with black rather than a traditional red carpet covering the cobble stones and tram lines.

Olga wore a stunning fuchsia dress and signed autographs for hundreds of fans who lined the barriers outside the theatre. She spoke briefly on the stage before the film rolled for the hundreds of guests at the black-tie event.

Dutch-born cast members of previous Bond films Daphne Dekkers (Tomorrow Never Dies) and Jeroen Krabbe (The Living Daylights) were also in attendance.

"Quantum of Solace" opens nationwide in The Netherlands on Thursday 6th November 2008.

Additional events are expected to be held in Rome, Valencia, Sydney and Tokyo.

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