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Thinking of getting your hands on a Bond book, diecast, figurine, DVD or Blu-Ray? Or are you buying for a Bond-mad friend? MI6 rounds up a collection of James Bond product reviews by experts. Make sure you browse the reviews section before making your next 007-related purchase.

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Casino Royale
Live And Let Die

Young Bond

Blood Fever

Non Fiction
James Bond: The Legacy
Not Forgetting James Bond

DVDs + Blu-Ray

Quantum of Solace Special Edition
Casino Royale Collectors Edition
James Bond Gadgets
Die Another Day

Ultimate Edition DVDs

Tomorrow Never Dies

Licence To Kill
The Living Daylights
A View To A Kill
For Your Eyes Only
The Spy Who Loved Me
Live And Let Die
Diamonds Are Forever
You Only Live Twice
From Russia With Love
Dr. No

At the Cinema

Quantum of Solace Press Reviews
Casino Royale Press Reviews


Quantum of Solace
From Russia With Love
GoldenEye Rogue Agent (Console)
GoldenEye Rogue Agent (DS)
Everything or Nothing (Console)
Everything or Nothing (GBA)
SceneIt 007 Edition
Evil Genius (non Bond)


Trouble Spot
The Golden Ghost
Trouble Spot
The Man With The Golden Gun
Colonel Sun
The Spy Who Loved Me
Dr. No

Dark Horse
Light Of My Death #4
Light Of My Death #3
Light Of My Death #2
Light Of My Death #1
A Scilent Armageddon #2
A Scilent Armageddon #1
The Quasimodo Gambit #2
The Quasimodo Gambit #1
Minute of Midnight
Shattered Helix #2
Shattered Helix #1
Serpent's Tooth #3
Serpent's Tooth #2
Serpent's Tooth #1

Permission To Die #3
Permission To Die #2
Permission To Die #1

Models and Dicasts

Goldfinger Racing Set


¼ Scale Pierce Brosnan

¼ Scale Roger Moore
¼ Scale Sean Connery
12" Wai Lin
12" Zao
12" Blofeld (OHMSS)
12" Roger Moore (Moonraker)
12" Alec Trevelyan
12" Pussy Galore
12" George Lazenby
12" Jinx
12" Jaws
12" Tee Hee
12" Pierce Brosnan (GoldenEye)

1:18th Scale Aston Martin DBS
1:18th Scale Aston Martin DB5
1:18th Scale Aston Martin Vanquish
1:18th Scale Lotus Esprit
1:18th Scale Ford Mustang
1:18th Scale Chevrolet Corvette
1:18th Scale Jaguar XKR

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