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'The Ian Fleming Files: Operation Parsifal' by Damian Stevenson now available on Kindle

16-Sep-2013 • Literary

Damian Stevenson, screenwriter turned novelist, has released the follow-up to his successful "Ian Fleming Files" novel. Both fictionalise the 007 creator's wartime experiences.

Before James Bond there was Commander Ian Fleming or '17F' as he was known during World War 2 when the young British author served as an intelligence officer in Great Britain's Naval Intelligence Department.

In his much-anticipated follow-up to The Ian Fleming Files: Operation Armada, Ian Fleming scholar and screenwriter of upcoming movie Fleming Damian Stevenson has created another thrill-ride for James Bond fans.

It's 1945 and 17F finds himself tasked with the bizarre mission of foiling an assassination plot against Hitler. The Allies are winning the war and the last thing they need is for the Fuhrer to be replaced with a more rational war leader capable of prolonging the conflict. Parsifal is an underground anti-Hitlerian Nazi society led by German industrialist and diamond expert Sebastian Krupp. Ian Fleming is partnered with a beautiful German double-agent and together they go from Cairo to Eastern Europe to the Nazi-occupied island of Alderney and eventually Tanzania to penetrate Parsifal. With a plot afoot and hidden agenda within the ranks of Parsifal 17F must crack the enigma of Fortress Alderney and save Hitler's life to assure an Allied victory.

All the beloved tropes are here: the suave and ruthless central character, his demanding boss, a bevy of beautiful femme fatales, formidable villains bent on world domination, their homicidal henchmen, exotic locations, crackling wit and all the cool cars, sleek guns, ingenious gadgets and monstrous hardware one would expect to see lavishly featured in a gonzo story about the author of Casino Royale.

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