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Bond author Jeffery Deaver reflects on 'Carte Blanche'

13-Jun-2014 • Literary

One-time James Bond continuation author Jeffery Deaver, who penned 'Carte Blanche' in 2011 and brough 007 up to the modern day, has reflected on his time with the franchise.

Speaking the The Wrap, Deaver was first asked whether he thought writing the Bond novel would expand his audience of thriller readers:

"Well, it certainly did that. I only intended to do one book, unlike [Raymond] Benson, who wrote a dozen in the series. But I did it as a lark because I loved Bond as a kid. I thought I could contribute by bringing him into present day as a young agent while paralleling his personality from the '50s. Some diehard Bond fans weren't happy but it did well."

"You can't please everybody, but it was a positive experience for me. The gist of one review was, “is this a hero that we need for the present day?” and my response is, “Yes, I think so.” Just look at headlines recently! My Bond had nothing to do with Ukraine or Crimea but I did kind of sense that we were going back to traditional heroes and villains so I thought, let's get back to the basics of the big Soviet bear vs. the American eagle. And sure enough, it came true!"

When asked who he envisaged playing Bond if 'Carte Blanche' were ever to make it to the big screen (MI6 Note: Which it never will), Deaver had a clear idea: "Guy Pearce. He looks more like the Bond in my mind more than anyone else and he has the presence. If they want to buy the book and use my input on casting."

Thanks to `Risico007` for the alert.

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