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Fans have many questions to debate about 'Project X' novel

28-May-2010 • Literary

With the announcement that American thriller writer Jeffery Deaver will be writing a James Bond continuation novel for Ian Fleming Publications, fans have started to ponder several questions not addressed in the press release.

Is this a one book deal, like the Sebastian Faulks arrangement for Devil May Care?

It's not clear, but Deaver tweeted earlier today that he was "very honored that the Ian Fleming board has chosen me to be the new writer of the James Bond series". Is this a hint that he may have options beyond the 'Project X' novel? Deaver has a long-running series of his own, with 9 'Lincoln Rhyme' books to date.

Will the new novel, set in modern times, link up directly with the film franchise?

Unlikely. During John Gardner's tenure, there was friction from the author when he had to align his canon with the "GoldenEye" tie-in. But when Raymond Benson reset the series in the 1990's, he mirrored the film franchise elements, such as a female M. The last two movies have not had traditional novelizations, and Bond's official backstory was changed from the character's literary roots when Daniel Craig was cast.

Will Jeffery Deaver reference the Fleming canon directly, or other continuation novels?

John Gardner linked back to Fleming's canon, but when Raymond Benson took the reigns, there were only passing references to Gardner's work.

Will Bond be keeping his bad habits?

In Fleming's original canon, Bond chain-smoked and took Benzedrine. Neither are generally acceptable in today's world.

What will the title be?

It won't be 'Project X' - that is just the working title. Click here to submit your ideas for the novel's title.

What age will James Bond be?

Will Bond feel out of place in a modern setting, or a fresh faced agent adept with technology?

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