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Jeffery Deaver will not be attempting to copy Ian Fleming's style

29-May-2010 • Literary

After perhaps learning a lesson from Sebastian Faulks' attempt to ape the writing style of Ian Fleming in his 2008 James Bond novel "Devil May Care" (which received a tepid response from 007 fans once the hype had died down), the new continuation author Jeffery Deaver is taking a different approach - his own writing style.

"I am not writing this book as if I were (Bond creator) Ian Fleming. No one can really do that. I am taking the type of story that I generally tell -- a very fast-paced thriller, lots of twists and turns and surprises", he said.

"For one reason or another I have learned over the years that I have a capacity ... to be a bit of chameleon," Deaver said on the day of the news announcement.

"I've written about young African-American characters in America, I have written about elderly characters, I've written from the points of view of women ... of serial killers ... and enjoy stepping into their shoes. I think it's going to be relatively easy for me to step into the role of Bond and the other characters in the book."

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