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Tabloids finally latch on to 3 hour running time story

05-Feb-2020 • No Time To Die

The rumour started back in December, then picked up pace in January when several cinema chains published a 'No Time To Die' run-time based on information from Universal - the worldwide distributor of the film.

2 hours 54 minutes was the latest run-time doing the rounds. 

The Daily Mail picked up the story a few weeks later claiming to have 'insider sources' revealing that the film will, in fact, be three hours long. This has now circulated to a lot of media outlets with few of them referencing the more sensible source of the information.

The source quoted in the paper said: "The script was constantly being added to. The plot was changing as we went along. Phoebe was adding in pages. It was chaotic. They just kept shooting more and more. Everyone is determined this will be the best Bond ever, so they kept adding scenes. There were delays when they brought in Phoebe and then more delays when Daniel hurt his leg in an accident. At times it felt like it was jinxed."

Very little of that quote is accurate.

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