MI6 reviews the two-disc 'Special Edition' Quantum of Solace DVD, available in most countries around the world this week...

Quantum of Solace DVD Review
23rd March 2009

You know the name. You know the number. You also know about the film, it's story and the how it came to be, so the MI6 review of the Special Edition Quantum of Solace DVD will focus on the technical merits of the disc and the special features - not a review of the film or a recap of its production history.

With the benefit of a second disc to take what special features there are, the movie has a lot of room to breathe on disc one. Compression artifacts are almost impossible to find and the 2.40:1 transfer is stunning. There are no signs of anti-aliasing or blockiness during even the most frenetic action sequences. The blacks are deep and flesh tones are appropriate for the locations and look realistic. The only criticism that can be leveled against the video is the poor artistic choice of a small yellow font for the subtitles during foreign dialogue.

The discs menus blend the MI6 computer interface seen in the film with photos of the cast and clips from the movie. It is a nice touch to re-use some of the production design from the film, and is very effective as a navigation system.

Of the four audio tracks available (English 5.1 DTS and English, French and Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital) the DTS is expectedly superior. The audio quality is almost flawless and the mix is nicely balanced across the channels, giving both the dialog and score a chance to co-exist. Some complained of difficulty in hearing the dialog properly in the theatre, but that seems to have been addressed here. The sub-woofer gets a good workout, but is used intelligently and does not stand out unnecessarily as with the first DVD release of "Die Another Day". Closed captions are available in English and Spanish.

Special Features
Bond on Location - The main feature on the disc, this documentary contains interviews and set visits covering all the important action sequences and locations. However, most the content is recycled in the rest of featurettes on the disc as they were cut for the EPK reels and official website. (24:47)


USA Order "Quantum of Solace" SE DVD
UK Order "Quantum of Solace" SE DVD

USA Order "Quantum of Solace" DVD

Start of Shooting - A look at the first few days of shooting, including the press visit to Pinewood and Daniel Craig's stunt training for filming. (2:56 min)

On Location - An overview of the locations visited by the film crew with a focus on Baja, Mexico, for the filming of the aerial battle. You will be left in no doubt that ‘locations are like characters’ as the point is repeated again from the longer Locations featurette. (3:12)

Olga Kurylenko and the Boat Chase - Olga talks about her training for the Bond movie, in particular her first major action sequence the boat chase. (2:11)

Director Marc Forster - talks about the film making process on Quantum. Cast members and producer Michael G. Wilson reflect about working with the director and his style. (2:44)

The Music - Film composer David Arnold briefly explains the feeling behind the film’s score and includes a talking heads feature with theme song collaborators Alicia Keys and Jack White. This is by far the best of the shorter features as all involved speak candidly without the fluff seen in the other pieces. (2:35 min).

Crew Files - 34 video blogs released over the course of production on the official Quantum of Solace website are included on the DVD (46:15 total, including repeated titles). This will be of interest to those who like to see the ins and outs of a production, but may prove too tiresome for most.

There are also two trailers and the music video for "Another Way To Die". Like almost all of the features on the discs, these are also available online for free.


As with Daniel Craig's first outing as James Bond in Casino Royale (2006), the debut release of Quantum of Solace on DVD will give fans exactly what the title means – a small amount of comfort. While the production, video and audio quality are all top notch as you would expect from a 007 release, the style almost manages to hide the lack of substance beyond the actual movie on the two-disc edition.

If you can wait for the second spin of "Quantum of Solace" you will avoid double-dipping, as this 2-disc 'special edition' is barely a notch above a standard release of the film on DVD. Fans will no doubt be disappointed for the lack of any commentary track, or the alternative ending that director Marc Forster had promised. There will inevitably be a fully loaded version of the movie released in the not too distant future with additional content and original special features.

As almost all of the material in the special features was released online or shown on television during the build-up to the film’s theatrical release, the single-disc edition is better value for those just wanting to watch the movie again.

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